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Aluminum Powder Coating Services

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Powder Coating of Aluminum is a process that takes into account the type of Aluminum. This could be Cast, Extruded, Stamped or Machined Parts. Wright Coating has years of experience in these type of parts and all grades of Aluminum.

We start by insuring that thru our extensive wash system the part is prepared to be coated by insuring all that all residues, grease or any containment are removed. The proper preparation of the part may require sand blasting or some type of media treatment.

The parts can be masked by fixturing design in addition to specific masking in areas that require no powder coating.

The coatings applied by Electrostatic Process or Fluid Bed Coating can be in Thermoplastic or Thermoset materials. The Thermoset materials based on the name cannot be remelted once applied. The Thermoplastic materials can be remelted if required.

The powders can come in a variety of colors and textures based on what the requirement is for the finished part.

Once the part is coated a stringent level of Quality checks based on proven ASTM test methods are performed.

With all the above steps we know that Wright Coating can meet your needs and requirements when it comes to coating applications for Aluminum Products.

Aluminum Alloy Powder Coating Services

Some of the grades of aluminum we powder coat include:

  • Aluminum Alloy 2011
  • Aluminum Alloy 2014
  • Aluminum Alloy 2017
  • Aluminum Alloy 2024
  • Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Aluminum Alloy 6262
  • Aluminum Alloy 7075/7175
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