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Nylon Coating Services

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Nylon Coated Chair

Our Nylon (Rilsan Nylon 11®) is a polyamide that is naturally derived from vegetable oil (Castor Beans). We choose to use this coating because it has a low environmental impact, consumes less non-renewable resources when produced and has a superior thermal resistance. It is used in high-performance applications such as automotive, medical, office furniture, and appliances. Nylon is the material of choice for the most demanding applications due largely to its unique combination of thermal, physical, chemical, and mechanical properties. Together, the result is an outstanding cost-performance ratio. Another unique quality of Nylon is that it meets autoclave requirements, making it ideal for the medical industry.

Wright Coating’s proprietary Wrylon process produces a controlled thin-film thickness Nylon 11 that can be used in tight tolerance applications to resist impact, corrosion, and chemicals. We are able to handle small parts and sizes up to 30” x 48” x 20”.

Nylon Coating Color Swatches

Nylon Coating Advantages

Nylon coating for metal offers an exceptional combination of critical physical properties including:

  • Noise Reduction (NVH)
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Very Low Surface Friction
  • Inexpensive Solution to a Difficult Problem
  • Eliminate buzz, squeal, rattle
  • Slip characteristics create a “self-lubricating” effect
  • Oil and fluid Resistance
  • Protects against UV exposure

Technical Information

Nylon is a high-performance technical polymer that was developed in 1942. Derived from a series of complex chemical operations, Nylon (Rilsan nylon 11®) is one of the few polymers produced from a 'green' raw material - Castor Beans. Nylon resins have earned a preferred status in the most demanding applications due to their excellent combination of thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical properties which result in an outstanding cost performance ratio. Nylon stands alone in delivering exceptional performance across the broad spectrum of key physical properties. Following is more about the performance and physical properties of Nylon coating:

  • Chemical/Corrosion/Abrasion/Impact resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Electrical Resistant (Dielectric Properties)

You may wish to refer to this table to identify the most appropriate coating for your application:

Nylon Technical Information

Nylon 11 & Metal Coating Services

Wright Coating is proud to be one of the select companies that is approved as a Rilsan® Polyamide 11 (Rilsan Nylon11®) applicator in North America. Arkema is the sole producer of these materials. 

To learn more about their materials please visit their website by clicking here:

Rilsan Fine Powders

Application Methods

Nylon (polyamide) powder coating is widely used to protect a variety of metal substrates such as steel & aluminum. It is applied either electrostatically or in a fluid bed. It protects a wide variety of applications from corrosion to impact and abrasion. Nylon coatings are thermoplastic polyamide coatings and are under the category of 'protective coatings' in paints and coating nomenclature. These application methods are great when you need a functional and strong coating.

When we apply our Nylon coating electrostatically we spray the part with a dry powder that is fluidized with air and then is post cured. Electrostatic Spray is generally applied at a thickness ranging from 1.5 – 15 mils (thousandths of an inch).

The Fluid Bed Nylon coating is applied through a dip process where the part is preheated and dipped into a dry powder that is fluidized with air and then post cured. Fluid Bed vinyl is generally applied at a thickness ranging from 5 – 40 mils (thousandths of an inch). Typical coating application temperatures are usually in the range of 180°C to 250 °C (360 to 480 °F).

Nylon based powders are recommended for both interior and exterior applications.

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