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We are able to coat a variety of metals and plastics with high quality and accuracy.

What Wright can do for you:


Plastic Compounds Coated

  • 35% LGF nylon 6 GE PDX-P-00700 
  • 43% SGF nylon 6 Omni PA6 GR43 EF NA
  • 33% glass-filled nylon 66, BH polymers
  • 14% glass-filled nylon 66, DuPont Zytel 8018HSBK085
  • Ultramid® 8233G HS nylon 6 glass filled
  • 33% GF nylon 6 DSM Akulon J-3/30
  • Omni PA6 GR33 NA
  • Omni PA6 GR33 BK2000
  • 30% Natural GF nylon
  • Omni PA6 GR30 NA
  • 30% GF PA6 DSM K224G6U
  • TP composites
  • Elastoblend® nylon PA6/6, 6 IML
  • Elastoblend® nylon PA6/6 HI BK Nylon 66
  • Maxamid™ EPDM 206-BK10
  • Nylon 6 Omni PA6 GR30 NA
  • Omni PA6 33% glass-filled nylon (DSM Akulon K224-G6U)

Metal Compounds Coated

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Magnesium
  • Most Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials
  • Steel
  • Sand Castings
  • Permanent Mold Castings

Chemical/ Thermal Stripping:

Chemical Stripping allows us to offer the removal of previous coatings without subjecting delicate items to high temperatures.

     Applicable Substrates: Aluminum, Magnesium, Plastics

Thermal Stripping provides an efficient, time-saving method of removing previous coatings on steel products, which allows us to offer a quicker turnaround for items requiring shipping.

     Applicable Substrates: Steel, Case Hardened Steel

Services We Offer:

Benefits from our Coatings:

  • Heat Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant Powder Coating
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Protective Nylon Coating
  • UV Resistant
  • Durable Powder Coating
  • Low Friction Powder Coating
  • Protective Powder Coating

Finishing's Available:

  • Wrinkle Powder Coating
  • Textured Powder Coating
  • Clear Coatings
  • Veins and Hammer Tones Coatings

Wright Coating

To learn more about our industrial and commercial powder coating capabilities, contact the team at Wright Coating Technologies today!

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