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Powder Coating Specifications

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OEM Auto Powder Coating Standards

Wright Coating Technologies is able to coat parts according to the standards of all included specifications below. We are able to meet specification requirements determined by all major American automotive manufacturers including Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, as well as automotive parts manufacturers including Dana and American Axle. If the specification you require is not listed below, please contact us, and we will work with you to determine the proper coating application.

Mil-Spec Powder Coating

In addition to American automotive manufacturer specifications, Wright Coating applies military specification powder coating whose requirements go above and beyond the typical abrasion and shock resistance of many other powder coating solutions. In addition to shock and abrasion resistance, Mil-Spec coatings also provide chemical agent resistance for all military equipment and vehicles. Typically reserved for metal surfaces and parts, mil-spec powder coatings add mission-critical benefits required by all branches of the military. Wright Coating can provide the exact color and coating thickness needed for military vehicle and equipment coating applications as determined by Federal standards according to FED-STD-595. For more information on our astm powder coatings or mil astm spec coatings, contact the team at Wright Coating Technologies today!


  • 3363: Pencil Hardness
  • 523: Gloss
  • 3359: Cross Hatch Adhesion
  • 522: Flexibility

American Axle

  • MS.4001
  • MS.4011
  • MS.4067

General Motors

  • 4350M
  • 4383M
  • 9508P
  • W14664
  • W14671
  • W14674
  • W14872
  • W15272


  • ESB-M48148-B
  • ESB-M70J5-A
  • BI 106-01
  • BI 104-01
  • ESB-M4D148-A
  • WSB-M64J28-A1
  • WSD-M1A333-A2
  • WSS-M2P180-C


  • ES-103531
  • 642J: Paint Masking
  • 672J: Heavy Duty Driveshaft Paint/Primer



  • A-A-59464
  • P-20689
  • P-53022B
  • C-53072B(ME)
  • PRF-32348
  • QPL-53022-14


  • ES1-01-00


  • MS-6000<D>
  • MS-PA-35-1
  • MS-PB-60-2
  • MS-PE-16-2
  • MS-PZ-2-1
  • PF-9968
  • PF-7051
  • PS-508
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