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Specialty Powder Coatings

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As the premier Spcialty Coatings Applicator for Michigan, Wright Coating Technologies uses the highest quality coating materials available across a wide variety of applications. Many of these coatings are available in a wide range of RAL colors. Our specialty coatings go beyond just visual improvement, they also increase protection. Our Specialty Coatings provide anti-corrosion and rust protection, increased lubrication and reduced NVH, and even improved physical strength and rigidity. No matter what you need coated, we have the specialty coating for your project. Learn more about our specialty powder coating services or contact us today.

Specialty powder coating services

  • Specialty Coatings
  • Specialty Processes

Powder Coating

When you work with Wright You can Expect:

  • Years of technical experiences
  • Strong research and development programs
  • In-depth knowledge of supplying coatings into a wide range of markets
  • Experiences problem solvers
  • Custom applications

Some Products We Offer:

  • Textured Coating
  • Textured Coating on Plastic Parts
  • Veins Powder Coating
  • Hammer Tones Powder Coating
  • Wrinkled Powder Coating
  • Heat Resistance Coatings
  • Low-Friction Powder Coating
  • Antimicrobial Powder Coating

Nylon Coating

Wrylon® Coated Spline

For more information regarding our specialty powder coatings including specialty nylon coating services, contact the team at Wright Coating Technologies today!

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