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Specialty Coatings We Apply

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Powder Coating

When you work with Wright You can Expect:

  • Years of technical experiences
  • Strong research and development programs
  • In-depth knowledge of supplying coatings into a wide range of markets
  • Experiences problem solvers
  • Custom applications

Some Products We Offer:

  • Textured Coating
  • Textured Coating on Plastic Parts
  • Veins Powder Coating
  • Hammer Tones Powder Coating
  • Wrinkled Powder Coating
  • Heat Resistance Coatings
  • Low-Friction Powder Coating
  • Antimicrobial Powder Coating

Nylon Coating

Wrylon® Coated Spline

For more information regarding our specialty powder coatings including specialty nylon coating services, contact the team at Wright Coating Technologies today!

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