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Nylon Aluminum Drive Line NHV

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Nylon Coated Aluminum Drive Line NHV

Uncoated aluminum propshafts with slip splines used in 2 and 4 wheel drive SUV’s and other rear-wheel drive vehicles can produce galling on the splines and excessive plunge forces over time. Coating both the inner and outer tube with other types of protective or self-lubrication coatings was costly and generally ineffective.

The application of nylon 11 using our WRYLON application process for controlled thickness thin films provided a durable and self-lubricating finish. The WRYLON process enables precision application of the nylon 11 coating with no post broaching or machining of the part.

With the application of nylon 11 on the grobed spline shafts the galling on the propshaft was eliminated and the plunge force was reduced increasing the performance and life of the propshaft. This also is giving our customer a competitive advantage over the competitions propshafts.

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