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Nylon Coated Drive-Line NVH Case Study

Uncoated drive-line splines used on light duty pickup trucks and SUVs generated a clunking noise when the truck would start or stop.  Applying a conventional fluidized bed nylon eliminated the noise by protecting the spline from corrosion while lubricating the surface.  However, close tolerances required broaching each part to remove excess nylon, a costly and wasteful process.

Wright Coating developed the WRYLON process to apply nylon 11 powder to the splines.  The process enabled precision application of the coating to a few mils eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful broaching.

Coating driveline splines with nylon 11 using Wright Coating’s WRYLON process extended life of the splines as much as ten times and eliminated the annoying “clunk” sound.   Wright Coating has coated several million splines using the proprietary WRYLON process.

After 125,000 miles can you tell the difference?
Both splines were coated with nylon 11 using Wright Coating Technologies' WRYLON process.  The coated spline on the right was removed from a test vehicle driven 125,000 miles on a major OEM manufacturer’s test track.  No evidence of wear or degradation was observed.

drive line NVH coating Nylon Spline after 125,000 Miles

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