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Rislan Nylon 11: The Best Nylon Coating

specialty coating

The Nylon we use, Nylon 11, has many advantages over other coating materials. Unlike many coating materials, it is environmentally friendly because it is derived from natural vegetable oil made from castor beans. The versatility of Nylon 11 is unparalleled and extremely high performing under intense conditions such as extreme hot or cold or high humidity. In this post we will look at the benefits of Nylon 11. 

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Tried and True Methods for Effective Plastisol Coating

Plastisol Coated Part

Plastisol coating is applied to products for a number of reasons, such as increasing the aesthetic appeal, providing a better tactile experience and allowing for easier handling. If you've ever used tools with a soft, pliable grip – pliers, wrenches and more – then you have firsthand knowledge of the advantages of plastisol. 

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Wright Coating can Withstand this Summer's Heat, Can you?

Heat Resistant

Our heat resistant coatings are designed to be used between temperatures of 600° F and 1100° F on a continuous basis. That means when your product needs to withstand constant high temperatures it won't let you down.

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