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Polyester Powder Coating

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions from our customers wanting to learn more about what Wright has to offer, so we put together a list of frequently asked questions to make it easier to learn.

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What's the Deal with Powder Coating?

Powder Coated

What exactly is Powder Coating?

There are two types: Thermoplastic Powder and Thermoset Polymer. Thermoplastic Powder is generally applied with a fluidized bed process. First, the part is heated to a temperature above the melting point of the powder. Then, the heated part is dipped into a pool of free-flowing powder. As the part is dipped the powder around it melts and forms a smooth homogenous bond coating the surface. It can also be applied with an electrostatic spray process, where the part is heated to a temperature above the melting point of the powder, and then the powder is sprayed onto the heated part. The powder, upon contact, will melt onto the part and form a strong coating. 

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