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Four Reasons Powder Coating is Better than Traditional Wet Paint Techniques

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Powder Coating

Typically wet paint should be used in applications where the material being finished cannot withstand the heat necessary for powder coating. In nearly every other scenario, powder coating is superior. Powder coating is a dry finishing process that is used for protective and ornamental finishes in manufacturing. Over the years, powder coating has been made available in an increasing range of colors and textures. In this post we will look at five ways powder coating is the best option for your product finishing needs.


Powder coatings are less expensive and can cover more area than most finishers, which means lower material costs than wet painting processes. It is also an easily automated process which means costs are reduced.


Wet paint is extremely flammable and contains carcinogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not surprisingly, these chemicals are hazardous to plant employees if proper precautions are not met. Powder coatings do not contain VOCs and are without solvents, meaning they pose much less of a chemical risk to workers.


Beyond being a risk to workers, VOCs and solvents also create a pollution concern. Powder coating is a much cleaner process, as well. Overspray can be gathered and reused, and unused powder can be retrieved and put back in a hopper for recirculation, eliminating a lot of waste. They are a green coating technology.


It’s well known that powder coating is more rugged and resistant to corrosion, chemicals and, weathering. Powder coated surfaces also resist chipping, scratching and other wear much more effectively.

At Wright Coating Technologies, in Kalamazoo, we have been a trusted specialty coating applicator for almost 40 years. We are proud to offer a proprietary, one-of-a-kind process for plastic powder coating as well as traditional powder coating. If you have been looking for a partner to work with you to achieve your finishing goals and desires, contact us today!

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