Copolymer PE

CoPolymer PECopolymer PE is a multi-purpose thermoplastic powder coating. It provides a wide range of performance qualities such as excellent mechanical performance, impact resistance and ultra violet (UV) protection.

  • Superior general-purpose protective coating
  • Maximum mechanical performance
  • Impact resistance
  • UV-stability

Copolymer Coating is used where a tough, high-impact coating is called for. Typical applications are: Outdoor Furniture, Fencing, Facemasks, Bike Racks, Playground Equipment, Decking, Tree Grates, and Bollards.

  • All Copolymer PE coatings use copolymer polyethylene (CoPE) chemistry to provide ultra-high adhesion and performance properties.
  • Copolymer PE is ideal when an all-purpose high performance coating is needed. The abrasion and impact resistance is unsurpassed, and with more than 2000 hours of salt spray testing, Copolymer PE provides excellent protection against corrosion and UV exposure.
  • Copolymer PE powders are available in a number of special formulations and blends to meet varying finishing and protection needs. Both fluid bed dip and spray grade are available.