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heat resistant powder coating

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Heat Resistant Powder Coating at Wright Coating Technologies


The powder coating process uses dry, free-flowing powder that is applied either by fluidized bed or electrostatically. When the coating is cured under heat, it forms into a much more rugged coating than conventional paint, and has a very aesthetically pleasing, durable finish. Sometimes you need more than just traditional powder coating – that’s where Heat Resistant Powder Coating comes in. It’s even more rugged and durable in its ability to resist abrasion and corrosion. Heat Resistant Powder Coating can withstand heat up to 1200°F. 

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Heat Resistant Powder Coating: Is It Right for My Project?

Heat Resistant Powder Coating

During testing, our heat resistant powder coating was tested at 1100°F and with 240 hours of exposure to salt and humidity. The result was that the coating contained most of its color and gloss and showed no signs of cracking or degrading.

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Wright Coating can Withstand this Summer's Heat, Can you?

Heat Resistant

Our heat resistant coatings are designed to be used between temperatures of 600° F and 1100° F on a continuous basis. That means when your product needs to withstand constant high temperatures it won't let you down.

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