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Plastisol Coating: Solutions in the Automotive Industry

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Marine Oil Pan Plastisol Coated

One of our most popular coatings is Plastisol, a polyvinyl chloride material that is excellent for vibration damping and has a soft feel and look. It’s popular in marine products, playground equipment, hand grips, electrical insulation covers, and outdoor furniture. We’ve done more automotive industry applications than we can count—because plastisol coating can be a solution in many cases.  In addition to vibration dampening, key features of this coating include chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, and electricity resistance.

How it Works

When the plastisol part is heated we dip it into the plastisol which then fuses into a homogenous bond to the substrate you’re using, which can include aluminum, steel, and high heat engineered plastics. Once it cools, the coating is complete and becomes very resistant to many outside forces. Custom coatings can be made to meet certain harshness, flexibility, and tensile strength needs.

  • Plastisol Dipping: This method involves preheating the substrate/part and dipping it into a liquid tank of PVC (Plastisol) and then post cured it in an oven where the curing process is completed. This method is used for applications that need a thick coating or for parts that need coating only on a specific area (to a “dip to line”) that is only 10-240 mils (thousandths of an inch).
  • Plastisol Fluid Bed: During this process, the part is preheated and dipped into a tank of dry powder that is fluidized. Then it is post cured and can achieve a thickness of 5-30 mils. This method is ideal for various applications and can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Example Applications Wright Coating has Performed

  • Convertible Bracket BSR: We used a plastisol coating on a metal bracket to hold down the roof of a convertible roadster. This solution eliminated the rattling noise it was creating without effecting the roadster’s esthetics. We were able to offer a solution that was extremely affordable and fit into their cost restraints.
  • Steering Column Adjustment Levers: We worked with a tier 1 supplier in the Automotive Industry to plastisol coat a steering column adjustment lever. We have produced several thousand levers with a drip-free, consistent textured finish that adheres to the auto OEM’s strict requirements.
  • BSR in Folding Third Seat: We precisely applied plastisol at the contact points on a metal piece that was squeaking in a foldaway seat. This solution created a self-lubricating part that effectively eliminated the sound in both the open and close positions.

About Wright Coating Technologies

Wright Coating Technologies has been providing coating solutions and technical expertise for more than 35 years, and we’ve been providing plastisol coating from the very beginning in 1979. You can rely on us for research and development support, recommendations for hard-to-solve problems, quality and reasonable pricing, quality control and inspection, a quick turn-around, and on-time shipping. Give us a call today and allow us to show you how we can create a solution for your automotive coating needs.

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