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Demand for Anti-Microbial Coatings Continue to Grow

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Wright Coating Technologies offers a variety of medical specialty coatings, but within this range of coatings, one of the fastest growing demands from the market is for anti-microbial Powder Coating.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, the demand for this coating which fights the spread of germs comes from more than the medical field. End-user Industries besides health care looking to use antimicrobial powder coating include food, furniture, electronics, construction and more. This Powder Coating can be applied to products which frequently come in contact with humans. Food handling and health care applications create the highest demand in North America, according to coating industry reports, and that demand is expected to surge even more over the coming years.

What is anti-microbial Powder Coating? While there continues to be advances in recent years to the formulas that make up the coating, a key ingredient has been known for its germ stopping abilities since ancient times: silver. The Powder Coating Institute notes that ancient Egyptians used silver to protect food stores from fungus and mold. The Phoenicians used silver to keep germs out of water supplies.

Silver’s high bio-compatibility makes it a primary element for today’s high-tech antimicrobial powder coating. The coating’s characteristics exhibit high strength, durability, pleasing aesthetics and corrosion resistance. The antimicrobial coating is also being used in commercial and consumer products such as food service equipment, refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, and humidifiers.

What products do you make that come in direct contact with people? Could those people benefit if you used antimicrobial powder coating, and thereby improve your standing in the market?

To learn more about antimicrobial Powder Coating and how it can be applied to your product, contact Wright Coating Technologies today. We’re happy to spread the word about a better way not to spread germs. Please either call us at 269-344-8195 or email Terry Nicholas, our V.P. of Marketing, at 

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