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Coat Your Parts with Plastisol

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Plastisol is a great choice for coating metal parts that need to look great and work better. It is a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material and once it's heated it gels and fuses into a smooth homogenous bond. After the part cools it's highly regarded for its physical properties because of the smooth surface and soft look and feel. Plastisol is highly regarded for its physical properties and its durability. This coating is ideal for abrasive environments and can protect your parts from chemicals, high impact, and corrosion.

The thickness can vary based on what you want for the product. Our wide color selection and various finishes leave you with the freedom to create your ideal product. Another unique quality to plastisol is that you don't have to coat your entire part if you don't want to; we have a dip to line process and are able to only coat a portion of your product. Some of the industries that are already benefitting from our plastisol coatings are the medical, automotive, and furniture.

Plastisol CoatingSome of the major benefits you can expect from plastisol are that it will make your part stronger, it is flexible and noise-dampening. To learn more about our plastisol coatings please visit Plastisol Coating, Plastisol Case Study, Plastisol Case Study 2, Request a quote up top or email Terry, our VP of Marketing, at

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