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Chrome Powder Coating, a Greener Alternative

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Chrome plating is a process that is used to electroplate an object with a thin layer of chromium. The technique’s full name, hexavalent chromium plating, sheds light on one of its major disadvantages. Hexavalent chromium is a potent and toxic form of chromium that is heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Known to be a carcinogen and dubbed a “priority pollutant” and “hazardous constituent” by various environmental acts, hexavalent chromium – and the chrome plating process – leads to the creation of hazardous waste.

Realizing the need for a greener, more environmentally friendly alternative to chrome plating, Wright Coating worked to create a solution. From our efforts, our chrome powder coating emerged. While it cannot fully replace traditional chrome plating in every application, it does create a number of safer options for coating steel and aluminum parts.

Rich in appearance, our chrome powder coating gives materials the appearance of chrome and offers a clear coating that enhances both strength and durability. Utilized in furniture and retail fixtures, Wright Coating’s chrome powder coating is applied with an electrostatic spray gun and is especially well-suited for indoor applications.

At Wright Coating Technologies, we aim to perfect old techniques and innovate new processes in the field of specialty coatings. Our development of chrome powder coatings serves as an illustration of our dedication to moving the industry forward, toward safer, more effective technologies. From our computer controlled Plastisol dipping to our controlled thickness nylon coatings, we have the ability to provide – or create – a solution that addresses any problem. If you’re looking for a dependable, forward-thinking partner to handle all of your specialty coating needs, call the experts at Wright Coating today to discuss how we can help.

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