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Tried and True Methods for Effective Plastisol Coating

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Plastisol Coated Part

Plastisol coating is applied to products for a number of reasons, such as increasing the aesthetic appeal, providing a better tactile experience and allowing for easier handling. If you’ve ever used tools with a soft, pliable grip – pliers, wrenches and more – then you have firsthand knowledge of the advantages of plastisol. There are a number of ways to apply plastisol coatings, and today, we’re going to look at the 2 ways Wright Coating is able to apply plastisol.

Dip Process

By far the most common method for applying a plastisol coating, our dip process is ideal for parts that require full coverage, or require a dip-to-line, clean finish. Using our computer controlled machine, we are able to precisely dip the parts into a bed of plastisol and control the speed of the parts leaving the plastisol, revealing virtually no drip lines. The advantage of using our computer controlled machine is that the process is repeatable, leaving your parts with the same, ideal coating over and over again. This can be used for parts that require the plastisol coating on only a certain area of the part, where you want a clean cut line. With our computer controlled machine, we can create a program for your parts, and hold a tight tolerance for a repeatable finish. The dip process is also great for parts that require full coverage, and a thick coating, because our computer controlled machine is able to accurately keep your parts in the plastisol for the exact amount of time for your required thickness, and with virtually no drip lines.

If you require a thinner coating, or you have complex masking requirements, our Spray Process is what you need.

Spray Coating

Our electrostatic spray process leaves your parts with a clean finish, and is great for large parts, or for parts that need a thinner coating. We are able to prep your part, whether that means masking it, or creating custom fixtures that do the masking for us, we then electrostatically charge the parts, and spray the plastisol onto the parts. They are then cured completing the coating process.

If you are unsure of the type of coating is best for you, the Wright Team will work with you to offer advice, and solutions that meet your needs. We were founded in 1979, when we were just dip plastisol coating parts in a garage, and have grown our process to offer more precise, and innovative solutions. With years of experience in commercial powder coatings, plastisol coatings, CoPolymer PE coatings and more, we pride ourselves on our dependability and our ability to tackle complex problems. If you’re looking for a trusted, proficient partner that can provide high-quality coatings that meet your needs, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

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